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Healing Hands Home Therapy -

a leading provider of home therapy services in the Los Angeles area.

About Healing Hands Home Therapy


Healing Hands is a therapist owned and operated home therapy agency. This means you are working directly with experienced clinicians who are acutely aware of patient needs and what leads most directly to successful outcomes. This personal touch is the cornerstone of our practice. It is the key factor contributing to our success as therapists and what sets us apart from other home therapy companies.


At Healing Hands we know that our patients’ best outcomes are intrinsically linked to the care we bring them. It is for this reason we only engage therapists for whom their profession is more than a job but a calling. Our therapists bring a high level of professional expertise and an absolute commitment to patient well-being that goes well beyond the standards required of their profession.


If you feel that your clients could use a holistic and highly personalized approach on their path to wellbeing, it would be our pleasure to exceed your (and their) expectations in this journey. 


At Healing Hands we always have an outreached hand guiding and supporting this process.

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